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Roman Emperor CARACALLA (S)


Bronz Döküm Büst


After his father Septimus, Caracalla ruled Roman Empire for 19 years. His cruel and capricious judgements are still being criticized in the modern world. This art piece has been casted by Lost Wax technique and patinated in Florentine patina but you may contact us for antique yellow or natural green patina options. 

The large scale bronze bust of Emperor Caracalla is also available in our collection.

Under normal circumstances we keep stock but in case of stockout condition; the foundry duration of this item is 2-3 weeks. 

We ship our bronze sculptures retail and wholesale both globally. To purchase or to obtain a shipping quote you may  leave your adress information  with local zip code trough the contact form.  We  would like to ensure the best rate possible and a great shipping experience to our customers.

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Yükseklik26 cm
Genişlik20 cm
Derinlik16 cm
Ağırlık5 kg
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